NTT DATA presents Open Innovation Contest 10.0CHALLENGES

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  • TLL-2-045
  • SZX-2-046
  • TLV-2-047
  • SCL-2-062

Collaboration and proposals for reinforcement and development of physical and digital points of contact with customers

While young people seldom tend to go to banks due to changes in their behavior and progress made in non-face-to-face digital banking transactions, conceptual reviews are needed to evaluate how points of contact with customers will be, including non-face-to-face points of contact, and how face-to-face scenes are to be positioned in relation to non-face-to-face points of contact with customers.

In this situation, we are calling for collaboration and proposals to solve the following challenges:

  • ・Creation of new customer experiences in both non-face-to-face and face-to-face points of contact with customers (and both digital and physical points)
  • ・Reinforcement of the engagement between customers and financial institutions with personalized marketing and sophisticated customer services
  • ・Support for work style reforms intended for better banking operational efficiency, labor-saving, and skill set innovation

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Related keywords
    • CX
    • UX
    • AI/Cognitive
    • Face recognition
    • Voice analysis
    • Emotion analysis
    • Behavior analysis/Flow line analysis
    • AR/VR
    • IoT
    • Omnichannel
    • Digital marketing
    • Data utilization
    • Remote customer service
    • Customer service advancement
    • Multi-functionalization (Multi-skill acquisition) support
    Social challenges to be addressed through collaboration
    • ・Realization of convenient and comfortable financial services matching the diverse values and needs of customers regardless of age (young/senior), place of residence (urban/rural), and other conditions
    • ・Employee-friendly reform of skill sets and work styles to respond to the evolution of digital technologies and changes in the business environment
    • ・Establishment of schemes that free people from existing burdens and workloads through the power of digital technology and allow them to show their creativity and produce added value, focusing on human-to-human communication that machines cannot copy

    In connection with that mentioned above, we would like to contribute to solving the following issues in the medium term and long term:

    Decent work and economic growth
    Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    Assets and opportunities to be offerred
    • ・Opportunities for collaboration with more than 40 financial institutions using NTT DATA's main platform banking application "BeSTA"
    • ・Opportunities for transmission of information and business collaboration through “Branch of the Future,” which is a next-generation bank store showroom currently operated by NTT DATA's BeSTA FinTech Lab