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  • TLL-2-036
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  • SCL-2-060

SNS-based sales support solution

Collect information that can be gathered only by means of human discernment from SNS word-of-mouth communication, and sell/offer it as information for sales support. With those who give information acquired through word-of-mouth communication, share profit by letting the company that purchases the information give them reward points or coupons
For example, information about the following matters are to be collected:

  • ・Payment methods of a shop that are valuable for credit-card companies and other similar types of companies as information to purchase.
  • ・Newly opened shops that are valuable for banks and credit-card companies as information to purchase.
  • ・Financial condition of a medium-sized or small-sized company that is valuable for banks and other similar types of companies as information to purchase.

We assume that collection of information through SNS and word-of-mouth communication media is to be more active through linkage with business operators of GPS-based games and/or applications and by addition of gaming factors.

Related keywords
  • SNS
  • Digital Marketing
  • Gamification
Social challenges to be addressed through collaboration
By replacing manual collection of information that cannot be collected on computers and the Internet with collection of information on SNS and word-of-mouth communication media, generate information worth raising corporate top lines to make the economy more active.
Market size of collaboration business or business scale
We are aiming at establishing a business scale of 5 billion yen by 2022.
Assets and opportunities to be offerred

Structured and unstructured data management solutions mainly compliant with Marklogic specifications are available.