NTT DATA presents Open Innovation Contest 10.0CHALLENGES

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  • SFO-4-005
  • YVR-4-006
  • BLR-4-007
  • MUC-4-010

Next Generation Factory - Industry 4.0 + 5G

NTT DATA is seeking to leverage Private 5G installations along with related technologies to enable new capabilities for manufacturing factories and warehouses which improve quality (fewer defects, higher first-pass yield), cycle time reductions, and simplified processes. We are seeking products Qualified products and services will have a demonstrable ROI.

Related keywords
  • Private 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • IoT
  • Supply Chain
  • AR
  • ICS
Social challenges to be addressed through collaboration
Good Health and Well-being
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Responsible Consumption and Production
Market size of collaboration business or business scale
Global market opportunity with focus on precision manufacturing and warehousing. Global industrial IoT market to grow 8% CAGR in 2018-2023 to reach US$232B.
Assets and opportunities to be offerred

Research firm Market Research Engine forecasts the global industrial IoT market to deliver an 8% Cagr in 2018-23 to reach US$232bn. Given their technological edge, Japan’s industrial-automation firms are well placed to benefit from the structural growth enabled by 5G...Advantage Japan: Their superior technologies will allow Japanese industrial-automation makers to be leaders of this latest industrial revolution. We are upbeat on their prospects in this megatrend given their strategic positioning and robust growth potential.