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As digital technology has become more accessible, the speed of doing business has accelerated immensely while decreasing start-up costs. Attention is now turning to open innovation, which is an approach where multiple corporations and talented individuals work together to create new businesses by combining existing businesses and technologies.

NTT DATA has been striving to implement open innovation through a forum known as “From the Port of Toyosu” , open innovation business contests, and other events. The aim of its open innovation approach is to generate innovative, sustainable, and win-win business scenarios by bringing together three distinct groups: startups in possession of the most advanced technologies and business solutions, big corporations from a range of industries, and NTT DATA itself.

Since the open innovation approach in 2013, a series of new businesses have been launched. Collaboration with FinTech startups have been made possible as well as partnerships in the energy management field, especially now that the deregulation of the electricity supply industry has increased.


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NTT DATA’s approach to creating businesses through open innovation

Unique style of business creation,
turning innovative ideas into businesses instantly

NTT DATA has been working to create innovative businesses that combine the latest technologies with novel ideas. At the heart of the approach are a monthly forum, “From the Port of Toyosu”, which was established to promote open innovation in partnership with startups and NTT DATA’s customers, and an open innovation business contest. The catch phrase is “Let’s change the world together.”

To rapidly plant the seeds of ideas into new businesses ran by lean startups, it is important to use the proof of concept (PoC) approach. A series of short and small-scale trials are conducted and analyzed. NTT DATA has established intracompany cross-sectional working groups involving 500 or more people. The speed of business development has been sharply increased by simultaneously implementing intracompany activities to create innovative businesses. Seeing through the eyes of the users, NTT Data has compiled methods for creating new businesses, simultaneously promoting internal and external innovation activities.

Using this know-how, we developed Digital Corporate Acceleration Program (DCAP), an open innovation assistance program for big corporations. Through the program, NTT DATA utilizes the global innovator network to assist its customers to quickly establish new businesses, providing support from generating ideas, through modeling and PoC, to setting up the business.

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NTT DATA is one of the largest systems integrators in Japan and has a wide variety of proven capabilities in the public, financial, and corporate domains.

NTT DATA has been leading Japan’s IT industry as one of the largest IT service providers in the country. With the catchphrase of “Global IT Innovator,” NTT DATA has deployed its information technologies to create new schemes, values, and has contributed to the realization of a prosperous and harmonious society.

NTT DATA has provided numerous large-scale public, financial, and corporate services systems that serve as social infrastructure and has developed businesses in 45 countries. In order to extend these platforms and solutions, NTT DATA is working to create new businesses through open innovation. By combining novel ideas with existing technologies, NTT DATA is able to readily adapt to changes in the market and contribute to solving global challenges.

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