NTT DATA presents Global Open Innovation Business Contest 6.0FAQ

  • Q1Can I re-submit my business plan after the solicitation deadline?

    We screen business plans submitted by the solicitation deadline. If you pass the screening, you can replace the presentation material before the grand final. Teams who have passed the document screening will be informed of the details.

  • Q2It is written that the required qualifications for application include companies (incorporated startups) that possess advanced technologies. Is a university organization qualified to apply?

    An incorporated university organization can apply for the contest.

  • Q3Can a team of people apply?

    A group of people can apply. However, only up to two persons per team can pitch at the preliminary contest or the grand final.

  • Q4Can a single team apply for two or more themes?

    A single team can apply for two or more themes.

  • Q5Is the venture theme limited to FinTech?

    In addition to FinTech, many themes such as IoT, energy, insurance tech, healthcare tech, BPM, Digital Archives, big data, digital marketing, blockchain, Open API, personal data, AI, cyber security, virtual/augmented reality, and robotics are specified. For details, see the themes page.

  • Q6Can I submit a business plan that is not related to the listed Exponential keywords?

    You can. We are waiting for proposals showcasing excellent technologies.

  • Q7How many minutes do I have for the pitch at the grand final? Does it include the question-and-answer session?

    A single team is given a pitch time of seven minutes and a question-and-answer session of two minutes, for a total of nine minutes.

  • Q8Can I pitch in English at the grand final?

    You can pitch in English at the grand final.

  • Q9Can I borrow a PC for the pitch at the grand final?

    You are requested to bring your own notebook PC.
    *Only a VGA terminal is available. You are requested to bring an adapter, if necessary.
    *For Mac, you are requested to bring the required adapter.

  • Q10What type of connection terminal does the projector to be used in a pitch at the grand final have for
    connecting the PC?

    Just a VGA terminal is available. You are requested to bring an adapter if necessary.
    For Mac, you are requested to bring a required adapter.

  • Q11I want to see the grand final. How can I apply for it?

    Sorry, viewing the contest is by invitation only.

  • Q12How will the intellectual property of the solution be developed in a potential collaboration?

    The intellectual property will be discussed at an appropriate time when the technology is turned into a business. It will depend on the solution or how the collaboration is to be structured. For details, refer to "business creation" on the requirement page.