NTT DATA presents Global Open Innovation Business Contest 6.0

Healthcare Tech

Propose healthcare services leveraging
health data to reach out to non-health
conscious people

There exist presently in the world various kinds of health information management applications. Many of them, however, are focused on health-related data or are management-based services for tracking physical health. The problem with such services is that they are largely sought out only by health-conscious users, whereas we believe health services should be used by a broad cross-section of the population.

Our current plan is to offer health concierge services using health-related data that combine already existing services to people who do not particularly care about their health. Alternatively, we will offer services that are not exactly health services but the use of which is nonetheless likely to produce good health outcomes in the end. As we all have only one life to live, our intention is that many more people will be able to enjoy happy lives. (Our services will cover not only physical health but also spiritual health, i.e., spiritual richness.)