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The Lisbon Winner


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The Lisbon winner was selected by evaluating the 81 companies that have applied to everis Portugal Awards(*1), based on NTT DATA Open Innovation Contest evaluation criteria.

everis is a core company of NTT DATA Group, and it promotes social contribution through everis Foundation which is a not-for-profit organization.
everis Awards is a key program of everis Foundation that identifies and supports the best socially-important startups on a global scale.

The Finalists and Result of Lisbon Pitch Day

ResultCompany Name URL
Winner of the Locations

Lisbon Pitch Day

Date and time4th July, 2019
Venueeveris Portugal
Atrium Saldanha. Praça Duque de Saldanha, 1 - 10º E/F 1050-094 Lisboa
  • Miguel Teixeira
    everis Portugal
  • Angel Díaz
  • Pedro Moura
    Managing Director
    Merck Group
  • Ricardo Torgal
    Indico Capital Partners
  • David Malta
    Sciences Entrepreneur, Investor and Venture Partner
    Vesalius Biocapital
  • Luís Caldas de Oliveira
    Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations Board Member
    Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Kaz Okada
    Senior Expert
    Open Innovation and Business Incubation
    NTT DATA Corporation
Details of the pitch day is subject to change without notice.
Result of 9th Contest Lisbon pitch day


IF you have any question about the Lisbon contest , Please contact the following partner.
everis Portugal

Francisca Buccellato

Susana Bandarrinha

Kaz Okada
Senior Expert
Open Innovation and Business Incubation
NTT DATA Corporation

Kaz Okada is a Senior Expert in Open Innovation and Business Incubation section of NTT DATA Corporation, which is Japan's largest systems integrator, and he is responsible for globalizing NTT DATA's open innovation program.

His career started as a network engineer serving NASA and the Japanese space agency, but he has also worked as a software engineer at Microsoft in Seattle. He then moved to Washington, DC where he came across countless innovations both as a Manager of Research and Business Development and as a Visiting Fellow of CSIS, which is a top think tank in the United States.
His diverse and international experience makes him an ideal consultant for open innovation, and he is now leading the globalization of NTT DATA’s open innovation program.

Mr. Okada earned his Master of Science from George Washington University School of Business in 2006.