NTT DATA presents Open Innovation Contest 8.0


Proposal related to creating valued added solutions that use the Zengin EDI System and Financial EDI

As a part of measures to radically fortify the payment settlements infrastructure, the Japanese Bankers’ Association (JBA) and the Japanese Banks’ Payment Clearing Network are transitioning to XML electronic data, from traditional fixed length messages, for money transfers between domestic companies, and are implementing measures to achieve financial EDI that enables the attachment of sales channel information to the sent document. In December 2018, the Zengin EDI system (ZEDI), which expands the information column for financial EDI used in settlements between companies, is scheduled to be launched.
This will enable the retrieval of a large volume of sales channel information in settlements between companies. This is expected to improve the efficiency of settlement operations and fortification of new services, including automation of operations for payments including payment clearance. (External link: Japanaese Bankers' Association website)

NTT Data is widely recruiting for business ideas that will contribute to the spread and use of financial EDI from people with innovative technologies and business models.