NTT DATA presents  Global Open Innovation Business Contest 5.0

Digital Archive

Propose new input/output methods
and processes in Digital Archive

AMLAD is a NTTDATA's service for digital archiving that is for long term preservation of contents in various formats, and provides viewer functions on multi-devices to end users.

Main target area would be Museums/Galleries/Libraries/Archives and similar institutions. NTTDATA is finding business partners who are able to work together to expand AMLAD services in wider range of the business fields (Business), finding new additional values in existing assets (Input), providing more efficient and valuable services in contents management and analytics (Process), and to provide innovative user experience (Output).

Business area is not limited to sports, entertainment and education. Proposals on "Input" and "Process" should include proposals on concrete idea of "Output" for utilization of contents. However, proposals only focusing on "Output" to diversify methods on contents delivery would be acceptable.