NTT DATA presents Open Innovation Contest 11.0Terms and conditions of entry

Terms and conditions of entry

Who can apply
Entrants must be corporations or companies that are familiar with the efforts of the NTT DATA Group and able to propose ideas for co-creating new businesses. Anti-social forces and their associates are prohibited from entering the contest.
Proposed ideas
Ideas proposed must not infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of third parties. If a proposal does infringe any right of a third party (even if this occurs after entering the content), the NTT DATA Group may withdraw the award at its discretion, including after the announcement of the award.
Intellectual property
rights of proposed
The copyright and other intellectual property rights to each idea proposed shall remain with the entrant. In case NTT DATA and the theme owner collaborate with the entrant*, the entrant shall grant non-exclusive licenses to NTT DATA and the theme owner and shall agree that NTT DATA and the theme owner can use the applied proposal and implement the proposed idea.
* It includes feasibility study of the collaboration
Business creation
When a prizewinning proposal is developed to become a business, NTT DATA and the theme owner will have the option of signing an agreement with the prizewinner on how to handle the copyright and other intellectual property rights arising out of discussions around developing the proposed idea into a business and the division of roles among NTT DATA, the theme owner, and the prizewinner. If the prizewinner declines to develop the proposed idea into a business, NTT DATA and the theme owner shall have the right to develop it into a business.
Handling of proposals
Submitted proposals may be presented or used through media such as magazines, books, websites, and e-mail newsletters, etc. for the purpose of public relations by NTT DATA Group. The proposals may partly be changed in the form of summary, modification or translation. Proposals that have not been shortlisted in the selection of each city, will be destroyed by NTT DATA Group or the theme owner after the selections.
Applicable law
The validity, interpretation, and legal force of these efforts and terms and conditions of entry shall be determined in accordance with the laws of Japan (without regard to principles of conflict of laws).

Any dispute which may arise in connection with the above efforts and these terms and conditions shall be settled by arbitration in Tokyo, Japan in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules in force at the time of application to the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. Arbitration awards pronounced by the arbitrator are final and binding upon the parties. A decision on the execution of arbitral awards can be obtained from any court having jurisdiction.

The arbitration shall be conducted by three arbitrators and the language of the arbitration shall be English.

Privacy Statement

NTT DATA ("NTT DATA", "we", "us" or "our") will collect and use your personal data, including your name, photograph, company name, position, career profile, address and e-mail address for NTT DATA's Open Innovation Contest ("The Innovation Contest") as well as to comply with the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the "APPI") and NTT DATA's Privacy Statement. By reading and manifesting your intention to consent to this Open Innovation Contest Privacy Statement by applying to or participating in the Innovation Contest , you consent to our use and disclosure of your personal data and agree that we may collect, use and transfer your personal data in accordance therewith.

NTT DATA's Privacy Statement is available at

Provision of your personal data is voluntary, but if you do not provide your personal data, or if you subsequently withdraw your consent to us continuing to use your personal data, you may not be able to apply for or participate in the Innovation Contest. We rely on your consent as the basis for its continued processing of your personal data.

Personal data stored and processed by us for the Innovation Contest will only be used for the purpose of: (i) contacting you, (ii) responding to your questions, (iii) notifying you of selection results and (iv) publishing selection results for the Innovation Contest. Your personal data will be deleted no later than three years after completion of the selection process unless we need to keep your personal data for longer due to legal or regulatory reasons.

We outsource the handling of your personal data to its affiliates and partners who assist us in providing the Innovation Contest ("Affiliates and Partners"). Your personal data will not be published or shared with third parties other than Affiliates and Partners, except for the publication of limited personal data in selection results, and except where we are legally required to do so.

The Innovation Contest will be held in many countries and is organized by NTT DATA from Japan. By providing your personal data to us, you acknowledge your personal data is transferred to NTT DATA in Japan. In addition, as NTT DATA is a global company, your personal data may also be transferred outside Japan to Affiliates and Partners. Japanese data protection law may not be as strict as the data protection laws of your country, and the other countries to which your data may be transferred may not have data protection laws as strict as those of Japan and/or your country. Even so, in accordance with the APPI and the NTT DATA's Privacy Statement, we shall confirm that its Affiliates and Partners have established the internal systems necessary to keep the measures to protect your personal data, and shall properly supervise Affiliates and Partners by way of an data transfer agreement or other appropriate means.

If you wish to make a complaint about our handling of your personal data or possible breach of privacy laws, to see a copy of, or correct, the personal data that we hold about you or to withdraw your consent to our continued processing of your personal data, please contact us at: We can also provide you with details of competent data protection authorities.


  • Accepted languages are Japanese and English.
  • Submissions can be replaced up to the deadline. The final version will be treated as the definitive submission.
  • Please read the FAQ.

NTT DATA may provide the terms and conditions and the privacy policy in languages other than Japanese.
Non-Japanese versions are provided for your convenience only, and the Japanese language versions of the terms and conditions of entry and privacy policy shall prevail in the event of any discrepancy between the different language versions.