NTT DATA presents Open Innovation Contest 11.0CHALLENGES

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Digital Transformation of Food and Agriculture for the Benefit of Workers

Agriculture is an area included in the growth strategy set forth by the Japanese government. Smart agriculture, which utilizes ICT to address various challenges such as increasing overall income in the agricultural sector, improving productivity and efficiency, is being promoted. On the other hand, only a portion of the sector makes use of ICT at this moment, revealing numerous issues that must be dealt with before we see wider adoption of ICT in agriculture.

We are calling for a broad range of business ideas, solutions or applicable technologies in the food and agriculture area that deliver value to workers and organizations in the sector.

Related keywords
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart food chain
  • Paddy rice
  • Farming
  • Fruit trees
  • Controlled-environment agriculture
  • Soil cultivation
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Sharing
  • Ecosystem
  • EC
  • GIS
  • Weather
  • Digitalization
  • UI/UX
  • AR
  • VR
  • Sound
  • AI
  • Data analysis
  • IoT
  • Drones
  • SDGs
Market size of collaboration business or business scale
Expected to be over 100 million yen.
Assets and opportunities to be offerred
  • ・ Investment in collaborating businesses, support to materialize the concept
  • ・ Provision of demonstration fields in partnership with agricultural corporations and JA Group, among others
  • ・ Collaboration with NTT Group's solutions (covers a broad range including financial besides food and agriculture) and element technologies
  • ・ Extensive sales and maintenance networks nationwide covering agricultural communities on isolated islands