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Expansion of Digital Channels between Financial Institutions and Companies

The corona virus disaster forces companies to develop new ways of working, accelerate digitization and materialize business transformations. In the circumstances, financial institutions need to improve their contact points with corporate customers and provide new value proposition through unprecedented digital channels. We have launched "BizSOL-Square" as a portal platform for comprehensive services that allows companies to access to financial institutions so that we can help financial institutions provide new value proposition to corporate customers. Regarding the post-Coronavirus era as a chance, we are looking for Fintech companies that can provide new digital contents and new value proposition in collaboration with BizSOL-Square, which has abundant customer bases.

Related keywords
  • Online financing
  • Business matching
  • Digital marketing
  • Chat consultation
  • Business succession/M&A
  • Electronic contract
  • Data lake
  • BigData analysis
  • AI
  • New technologies for linking data and contents between different platforms and services
Market size of collaboration business or business scale
  • ・ Megabanks, regional banks, second regional banks, financial institutions, and other companies
  • ・ About 4 million corporations nationwide
Assets and opportunities to be offerred

・ BizSOL-Square, which is a platform to provide comprehensive service channels for companies.
BizSOL-Square is designed to provide Internet banking services for our customer enterprise who has the No. 1 market share in the industry and various digital services on one platform to make contact points between financial institution and company to be diversified and sophisticated. Companies are able to use Internet banking and other services with a single account and make full use of their customer bases.