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Automation assessment of green trade finance transactions

There are several publicly available and searchable databases of green/sustainable technologies, products and/or materials (see the list below). Create an automated screening/assessment of a list of trade finance transactions against such publicly available databases.

With multiples stakeholders involved in the eligibility assessment process, there is also a need for a reliable/verified knowledge of when (i.e. exact date) the assessment took place (and whether during the time of the transaction, the sustainability criteria were in force and valid). This is needed as sustainability criteria are constantly evolving/changing and we need a viable solution to capture the timing of both the transaction and the timing of the assessment (and the validity of the sustainability criteria applied during the assessment).

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  • Green Trade Facilitation Programme
Market size of collaboration business or business scale
The sustainable supply finance market will reach US$ 660 billion, representing a US$ 6 billion revenue opportunity for financial service providers, according to the estimation by BSR, a non-profit consulting and research company. Our cleint provided support for 2,017 trade finance transactions in excess of €2.5 billion in 2019, of which approx. 270 transactions in excess of €250 million were green trade finance transactions. The transactions in 2019 will result in estimated annual energy savings of 780,070 MWh*, water savings of 63,374 m3 and emission reductions of 294,648 tonnes CO2 equivalent. (*This includes the equivalent in primary energy saving from renewables, the actual figures are annual energy savings of 671,162 MWh and renewable energy generated 37,362 MWh)
Assets and opportunities to be offerred
Sample databases are: