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Services Applicable for Smart City Business by NTT and TOYOTA

On March 24, 2020, TOYOTA MOTOR and NTT announced that they will jointly build up "Smart City Platform", which will bring value to all categories such as people, transportation, residence, and livelihood, business, infrastructure, public services concerned with residents, companies and local governments.

Firstly, we are planning to implement it in the Higashifuji area of Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Woven City) and in the Shinagawa area of Minato-ku, Tokyo (block in front of Shinagawa station where NTT buildings are located), and then implement it in other cities one after another.

We are looking for business partners who can provide advanced services or develop services on the Smart City platform with our company.

Related keywords
Service sector

All categories such as people, transportation, residence, and livelihood services, business services, infrastructure services, public services concerned with residents, companies, and local governments

  • Digital Twin
  • City planning simulation
  • New lifestyle/work style in New Normal
  • Human centric (human-centered service)
  • Linkage with urban assets (e.g, cars, homes, smartphones, and sensors)
Market size of collaboration business or business scale
The size of the global Smart City market is estimated to be US$2,118,140 million by 2024.
We are aiming for a business scale of 10 billion yen in FY2022 in the fields of Connected, MaaS, and Smart City.
Assets and opportunities to be offerred

Smart City Platform (*1) and APIs for external services (*2) the companies will provide

(*1) At the URL below, you can see the outline of Smart City Platform Toyota and NTT will provide:

(*2) APIs for external services are subject to our further examination.