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Partner able to Conduct Joint Development of Technologies for CATS's ZIPC GARDEN

ZIPC GARDEN is a comprehensive verification environment (platform) that automatically generates various scenarios for self-driving software testing and allows precise and efficient verification on simulators.
We have been working on technical development of ZIPC GARDEN for three years, and in 2020, we started substantiative experiments on it with autonomous driving vehicles.
In addition, we are planning to develop supplementary technologies for ZIPC GARDEN by 2022.

We are looking for development partners who are able to conduct joint development of supplementary technologies for ZIPC GARDEN with us.

Related keywords
Service field
  • Self-driving service for the automobile industry
  • 3D-space model
  • Scenario-based simulation
  • Solution for verification of recognition AI in the combination of Recognition + Decision + Control
  • Self-driving data bank
Market size of collaboration business or business scale
The self-driving system market is estimated to reach 2,210 billion yen by 2030.
Assets and opportunities to be offerred

Assets for ZIPC GARDEN held by CATS; access the following URL for more information: (Japanese ver.) (English ver.)