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  • TYO-7-003
  • TLL-7-011
  • SZX-7-012
  • TLV-7-013

Proposal for data integration solutions conforming to DDD (Design Driven Development)

As the need of inter-section, inter-company, and inter-industry data integration/utilization/analysis is increasing, companies that start to develop systems with DDD-based agility are increasing in number. On the other hand, DDD requires expertise and skills enough to handle it, thus we are looking for partners able to develop DDD-based solutions for easier data integration.

Related keywords
  • DDD
  • Micro service
Social challenges to be addressed through collaboration

Satisfy the need of data integration/utilization/analysis with agility.

Market size of collaboration business or business scale
We are aiming at establishing a business scale of 5 billion yen by 2022.
Assets and opportunities to be offerred

Structured and unstructured data management solutions mainly compliant with Marklogic specifications are available.

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