NTT DATA presents Open Innovation Contest 9.0


Semantic Data Solution

In order to realize information utilization in the digital society in a true sense, it is necessary to explosively accelerate the speed of data utilization.

Previously, human beings had to understand the meaning of data one piece at a time to visualize data or read metadata from data accumulated in a database. As the speed of data utilization accelerates in the future, such work will become a bottleneck as activities to understand the meaning of data become necessary each time new data is registered. In order to resolve this issue, we are broadly seeking solutions and technology that focuses on the meaning of data.

<Example of the solution>
· A solution that establishes Knowledge Graph and realizes new discoveries that human beings cannot recognize by building a mechanism to associate data with its meaning, and then to accumulate and utilize the collected information. · A solution that can build a machine-understandable database by expressing data using Distributed Semantic Representations and that can create an environment that enables AI to analyze data automatically.