NTT DATA presents Open Innovation Contest 9.0

Drug development

Collaboration on rebuilding a clinical trial model to achieve drug development that meets patients' needs

Along with the transition from "one-size-fits-all" medical treatment to precision or personalized medicine, there is an attempt to optimize medical treatment for individual patient. In addition, patient participation in medical treatment is also proceeded with, in which patients are actively involved in decision making on their own treatment plans. The similar is happening in the drug development stage. In addition to drug safety and efficacy evaluated by doctors and investigators, drug effectiveness from patient perspective is also considered important, including patient's needs and priorities, the expected improvement on quality of life and burdens such as side effects by dosing, and suitability of individual patients. Consequently, patients are getting more involved in drug development than ever before.

However, traditional clinical trial models are designed with a focus on the process of collecting only necessary information from medical institutions. Methods to collect objective, continuous data simultaneously with minimizing burdens on patients as trial participants have not been established. Also, as information collected from patients is enormous, a large amount of time and labor is necessary for pharmaceutical companies to analyze the information.

NTT Data would like to rebuild patient-oriented/involved clinical trial models as a solution for the current situation by leveraging rapidly progressing wearable devices and AI technology, and establishing the optimal methods for data collection and analysis to incorporate the patient perspective.