NTT DATA presents Global Open Innovation Contest 7.0


Framework for representation of
identities on the Internet
(based on blockchain)

Individuals are showing a growing interest in making their identities accessible to others. Such identities are multiple and diverse: you can simultaneously exist as a bank customer, as an artist, as a social person, as a family person, as a medical patient, and so on. Although people are interested in sharing all aspects of their identities with fellow individuals or companies, or even between their own identities, they want to retain at the same time absolute control over who will access, alter and assert (i.e. provide and/or sign) each bit of that information at any given time.

We are seeking a business partner able to design a framework for the representation of identities that is secure, flexible, versatile, open and interoperable with the vast ecosystem of identity containers that exist in the digital world. Such a trusted information framework is not only beneficial to individuals but also to companies: by giving them access to better data (both in quality and quantity), a trusted information framework will enable them to provide better service.